Relying on its technology and industrialization in polymer materials, KDX provides multi-dimensional support and services for consumer electronics from manufacturing process, technical support to product upgrade. From mobile phones and TV to wearable devices and 3D blockbusters, KDX is committed to making people’s work and life much better.

Optoelectronic Materials of Display

KDX is a world-leading and China’s only optimal film supplier of the whole series of optimal film ranging from 3 to 100 inches. Its offerings include diffusion film, prism film, composite film, diffusion plate and quantum dot film.

● Top-level design and service solutions

Provide electronic display manufacturers with planning, design, operation and maintenance services of new technologies and new materials.

● New display technology solutions

Provide users with leading-edge display technologies, including OLED series, anti-blue ray film for eye protection, and electronic tags.

● Intelligent peep-proof protection solutions

Provide users with light control film, privacy film and IOCS products to protect their privacy.

● High color gamut CFQD solutions

Maximum backlit efficiency, high color domain coverage, narrower, half-width and higher R/G/B tricolor purity, wider color gamut range, more display colors, top industry standards.

● BLU full-size solutions

KDX provides brightness enhancement film, diffusion film and diffusion plate with size ranging from 3 to 100 inches to meet users’ demands.

Coating Materials

KDX provides consumer electronics with explosion-proof film, acrylic acid protective film, scratch-resistant and anti-fouling protector, lightproof adhesive tape, ultra-thin double-sided adhesive tape, easy-to-pull/tear adhesive tape, Li-ion PI adhesive tape, acid-proof protective film, and UV less-adhesion protective film products.

● IM film

With excellent performances such as low 3D lines, high ITO adhesion, high penetration and scratch resistance, it is widely applied to capacitive touch screens.

● Easy-to-pull/removable adhesive tape

Firm and reusable, high temperature resistance, quick removal, no residue on the surface, prevent damage to installation modules such as battery backplane.

● PU protective film

Good bubble discharge effects, no fingerprints, high hydrophobicity, ultra-high abrasion resistance and scratch-resistant surface.

● Protector

Good bubble discharge effects, no fingerprints, high hydrophobicity, ultra-high abrasion resistance and scratch-resistant surface.

Flexible Material

KDX’s functional barrier film, which adopts the world’s cutting-edge vacuum technology, provides an ideal encapsulation solution to next-generation flexible products, such as flexible display, flexible PV and quantum dots (QDs).

● High-performance water and oxygen barrier film

With features of simple structure, stable process, high yield and large capacity, the film is the best-performing and most ideal encapsulation solution to flexible display and QDs.

● Infrared (IR) cut-off filter

It’s lighter, thinner, flexible and unbreakable. Compared with glasses, it has better processability, with excellent visible light transmittance and IR cut-off functions.

● Flexible control

KDX provides whole-process solutions to touch modules and achieves batch production of 71um, 5.5-inch FF structure flexible touch screens in the industry. The bending properties can fully meet the strict standards for fully flexible display terminal products, with a lifespan of over 100,000 times @R=3/5mm.

Total Solution of 3D

KDX owns over 1,000 technology patents from optical materials, optical modules, laminating process to play software and chips. Meanwhile, it has built a 3D content platform, and 3D video display, 3D image appreciation, 3D games and 3D sharing platforms. As the world’s only 3D whole industry chain and one-stop solution provider, KDX has introduced 3D mobile phones with more than 20 enterprises.

● Glasses-free 3D mobile solutions

K2 lenticular lens technology, 2D/3D compatibility, high-brightness, high-definition 3D display, multi-format source input, 3D shooting, hardware compatibility, and massive content.

● Glasses-free 3D tablet solutions

K3 steering lenticular lens technology, 2D/3D intelligent switch, lossless 2D image quality, multi-format source input, eye tracking, timely lock of 3D focus, and massive content.

● Glasses-free 3D laptop solutions

K3 steering lenticular lens technology, 2D/3D intelligent switch, lossless2D image quality, multi-format source input, eye tracking, timely update, adjustment of 3D focus, best viewing effects in multiple locations, and massive content.

● Glasses-free 3D TV solutions

Ultra-high-precision glasses-free 3D lenticular grating, 2D/3D switch, integrated glasses-free 3D special K3 processing chip, UHD4K (UHD display, high color saturation and wide color gamut coverage), super multi-view, and depth-of-field adjustment.


On November 1, 2017, Samsung Notebook 5 – the world’s first glasses-free 3D laptop, was launched. It was rated by the industry as “pressing the start button of the 3D display era”.

The biggest highlight of the laptop is that it adopted KDX’s world-leading third-generation glasses-free 3D technology and enables consumers to freely switch between 2D work and life interfaces to 3D entertainment scenarios.

Left: KDX and Samsung sign a strategic cooperation agreement on glasses-free 3D→

Right: Samsung Notebook 5→