111Jointly Create a Brighter Future of Optimal Film with BOE


For more than a decade, KDX has adopted an innovation-driven strategy, made continuous and profound technical changes and built a materials platform covering the whole industry chain. By working with its extensive customer base, KDX has been innovating and upgrading its products and businesses. BOE, among others, is a typical customer and partner of KDX.

In April 4, KDX built a optimal film industrial cluster, providing core optimal film products for Chinese liquid crystal display panel enterprises. KDX’s new products gradually passed the test of Hefei BOE Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Soon after that, KDX was included in BOE’s supplier system. In 2012, KDX signed a strategic cooperation agreement on optimal film with BOE and became BOE’s leading optimal film supplier. Since 2014, more KDX’s products have been introduced to BOE’s products such as TPC, MNT and NB.

Today, KDX has stepped up collaboration with BOE to achieve common development. In addition to suppliers’ meetings and “Innovation Day” activities, they have communicated more frequently during workshop technology exchanges and weekly and monthly project meetings.


BOE & KDX Innovation Day activities


Special exhibition on KDX new products and technologies